buddy valastro portrait 325 nc 'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro gets cooking advice from beyond the graveZap2it: There is a story that your late dad came to you in a dream to give you a recipe that you couldn’t re-create. Is that true?

Buddy Valastro: It’s an Italian pastry that we make. The recipe we always had. It’s actually a very simple recipe. It’s a very, very hard technique that I have bakers here for 25 years who can’t do it. It’s the hardest Italian pastry to make, and we were just having a lot of problems re-creating it after he passed away.

And I was so focused on it, and I was driving myself crazy, that night I went home and I dreamt of my father, and it was the first time that I dreamt of him after he passed away. And it was funny because I had a pretty great relationship with my dad, and I said, “Oh, wow, Dad, you’re here. I can’t believe you’re here.” [Chuckles] True words. And he said to me, “I’m not here to d*** around with you. I’m here to show you how to pull off lobster tails one last time.”

And he did; he showed me how to do it in my dream, and we were working side-by-side, and by the end of the dream, there were two of me. It was crazy. And then I woke up the next day, and I went in, and I was able to do it.

Zap2it: Did you get chills when everything worked out?

Buddy Valastro: Yeah, a lot of people got chills, but that was a great story — and a true story. Pretty amazing.

Posted by:George Dickie