What’s worse than being stuck on a survival weekend with Sgt. Slaughter on “Camp WWE”? The answer may very well be writing poetry for Stephanie McMahon, if the above Zap2it-exclusive clip from the WWE Network’s animated series has anything to say about it.

“Camp WWE” imagines your favorite modern and legendary wrestlers as children heading to a summer camp run by none other than Vince McMahon. Of course, the major difference between this and the cartoons you remember watching on Saturday mornings is the language. Unlike “The Smurfs” or “GI Joe,” “Camp WWE” drops F-bombs and makes lewd jokes at any given moment.

That’s what makes a survival weekend with Sgt. Slaughter so promising. Of course you may feel more like some of the campers, who would rather be on a yacht with Stephanie or headed for a glamour weekend with Triple H.

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“I hope you’re all ready Team Steph, because we’re going to see who can take the heat … ” McMahon warns her small group of campers, ” … at the spa! With your brand new puppies!”

Something tells us Slaughter’s team of John Cena, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Paige, The Undertaker and Big Show aren’t in for that kind of luxury.

The “Survival Weekend” episode of “Camp WWE” airs Monday, May 16, on demand on the WWE Network following “Monday Night Raw.”

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