On Tuesday (March 29), “The Late Late Show” presented its hour-long “Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special.” While that’s definitely a mouthful, it seems that CBS is banking on this TV event to help pitch James Corden’s popular segment as its own show. Heck, it worked for Jimmy Fallon. Maybe lightning will strike twice …

Most of the special aired highlights from previous musical segments, including everyone from Justin Bieber to Stevie Wonder. Corden saved the best for last and premiered the newest sing-along edition, starring Jennifer Lopez.

Taking a break from “American Idol,” Lopez and Corden start off by agreeing his new handle could very well be “J-Co.” Soon kicking the small talk to the side — that proposed rap group does sound interesting, though — the two dive into a J-Lo classic with “My Love Don’t Cost a Thing.”

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It’s a fun way to start the segment which features multiple topics tackled, including the notion that Lopez insured her derriere. Of course that conversation leads into a duet of her track “Booty.” Corden really does pick up Iggy Azalea’s slack here, huh?

While there are a lot of fun moments shared between J-Lo and J-Co, two highlights really jump out as the ones to discuss. First, Corden attempting to re-create the “Waiting for Tonight” music video with Lopez is both hilarious and weird. There’s something about watching the man caress his own face that makes things a little uncomfortable. But, yet … it works here.

More importantly, though, is the bit that plays out right after the impromptu music video performance takes place. Grilling Lopez on the most famous person she has in her phone, Corden grabs the mobile device and proceeds to text Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio.

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You’d think Leo’d get that it was a joke. Then again, imagining the “Shades of Blue” actress ending her texts with “J-Lo” doesn’t sound that far-fetched. Of course Leo replies to the text sparking visuals of the two dancing it up at one of Hollywood’s finest party establishments. Honestly, weirder things have happened.

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