Nathan Fillion in a scene from Castle's Season 7 finaleIn “Castle’s” Season 7 finale, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) solves a crime 30 years in the making. 

Fans have always known Castle is devoted to his work, but little has been revealed about his motivations behind investigating crimes and writing mystery novels. The Season 7 finale changes all that, when the author’s origin story was revealed Monday (May 11). 

When a woman’s murder shows signs of a case from his childhood, Castle is forced to take a look back into the past. Castle was only 11 years old when he found a dead woman’s body in the woods with symbols carved into her face. Before he could even process what he was seeing, a masked man held him at knife-point and threatened his life. Castle was never able to identify who the victim was and it has always haunted him.
The Season 7 ender reveals the masked man’s identity. He is Dr. Holtzman a therapist who has gone to great lengths over the years to frame another man named Noah Lewis for the murders of several women over a 30-year time frame. 
Thankfully, with Beckett’s (Stana Katic) help, Castle is able to finally kill the man whose voice has haunted him throughout the years, just before accepting a career achievement award in front of his friends and family. 
However, big changes might be on the way in Season 8 for Beckett, as she is offered a position to run for state senator. Fans will just have to wait to find out if Beckett will run, because her decision isn’t revealed in the Season 7 finale. But either way, fans seemed pleased with the episode.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins