castle season 7 wedding ditch premiere 'Castle' Season 7 premiere: Did  Castle ditch his wedding?The “Castle” Season 7 premiere was on fire! Literally it picked up right where Season 6 left off — with a fiery car crash. Afterwards we got just a little taste of Beckett’s trauma as she came upon the terrible scene. Turns out Castle wasn’t in the car and actually abducted by some men in a black SUV.

Beckett is both relieved and bewildered at this news. So she devotes all of her time to figuring out what happened to Castle. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time has passed before he is spotted again, but apparently he has been missing for two months. Then we see the first signs he was in on the whole thing. Castle in the flesh dropping off a large sum of cash.

Things really start to get crazy when the man, the myth, the legend himself washes ashore in a dinghy unconscious. Also he doesn’t remember a thing about being missing and boy did he do a lot in those two months. Most notably he camped by a lake surrounded by newspaper articles about him being missing with his wedding tuxedo safely tucked in a bag.

F.B.I. agent Conners raises a point to Beckett that gets the wheels turning– maybe there’s a secret side to Castle that nobody knows.

It is hard to believe that Castle would stage his own disappearance, but it isn’t totally impossible. Maybe you changed your mind halfway through the episode or maybe you only thought it at the beginning, but admit it — did you start to believe even for a second Castle ditched his own wedding?

Posted by:Sarah Huggins