scorpion season 1 cbs CBS' 'Scorpion' is about to get a lot more serialized

“Scorpion” might be one of the more tech-heavy shows on CBS, but its cast wants viewers to know it’s a lot more than that. At a visit to the set of the freshman drama, Eddie Kaye Thomas teases a shift is coming in its storytelling style.
“We’re bursting out of all this science and computer stuff with these great serialized character stories. It’s really exciting,” he tells members of the press during the winter TV press tour. “It’s these serious character-driven, well-thought-out stories that people are enjoying, and I think CBS is letting us do that. … [There’s] all these people’s emotionally-driven character stories are what we get to play with — and then we also get to save the world sometimes.”
The show is currently shooting episode 16, and Thomas says that his character Toby and Jayden Wong’s Happy are about to take a “big leap forward.” Meanwhile, Katharine McPhee says her character, Paige, will start to cross paths with more characters as Toby’s purpose “becomes so much clearer to the other characters.” “He starts to help Paige in ways that you don’t see coming,” she says.
Elyes Gabel is already seeing his character, Walter, who is based on real-life genius Walter O’Brien, start to be more emotional than viewers have witnessed in the past. “It’s very interesting, the whole process of having someone who’s ostensibly not supposed to respond or have a real line in with an emotional trajectory,” he says. “It’s been a very, very interesting and adventurous experience for me as the actor.
“He’s a very complex character. We’ve taken somebody who is very, very difficult to understand and we’ve plunked him in an environment with these equally very, very interesting characters. …We’re becoming richer and more fed the later it goes on. I think there’s just a lot of mileage in the way the character and the show has been created. … He’s just at the start of what he thinks is efficient but what also makes him human, and that’s the conflict because this is about a group of human beings and family essentially.”
CBS recently announced that “Scorpion” is renewed for Season 2, which the writers are already starting to figure out what that story will be. Creator Nick Santora credits the chemistry of the cast and the chemistry of the characters for why the show has clicked with viewers.
“There really is a reflection between this group of people getting along so well and the material. It makes it easy to right, it makes it easy to film, it makes it easy to produce because these guys care about each other and it comes out in the characters caring about each other,” he says. “We just want to continue giving the audience that; give them a real nice piece of escapism on Monday night where they can see an action comedy with heart, and heroes and heart and humor.”
“Scorpion” is having a special airing Sunday, Jan. 18 on CBS after the AFC Championship game (estimated to be 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT). It will then resume its typical schedule on Monday, Jan. 19 with a new episode at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz