Before children, so many women are perfectly groomed, toned and maintain a great wardrobe. After children, the self-styling disappears. When you’re in the first throes of motherhood, it’s difficult enough to schedule a shower, let alone figure out a smashing outfit.
The tight top no longer fits when breast-feeding. Tiny hands yank on dangling earrings. And trying to do a power walk in heels, pushing a stroller, is folly.
Women who once prided themselves on finding one-of-a-kind jewelry at artists fairs now wear organic accessories — a concession to leaking babies.
Take heart. Being a stylish mom is possible, and TV offers four different types.
One caveat: These women do not have babies, but they do have a beauty squad. In that vein, consider our Mother’s Day 2013 honor roll of TV moms with great style.
tvfash512 Celebrate Mother's Day with TV's most stylish moms
Connie Britton’s character, Rayna Jaymes of ABC’s “Nashville,” is a country superstar and as such has all sorts of flashy outfits proffered to her. Still, Jaymes is a mom of two daughters, who drives her girls to school and makes breakfast. Jaymes exudes an effortless style. 
When not performing, she looks like a mom, albeit a gorgeous one with great boots. We have seen her in clothes ranging from flashy dresses to conservative outfits for political functions, but her go-to look that works for her and so many moms is this: a pair of great-fitting jeans, a simple top and a draped vest.
tvfash2512 Celebrate Mother's Day with TV's most stylish moms
The 1960s were so iconic that a mom who was well dressed then, as January Jones’ Betty Draper is on AMC’s “Mad Men,” still looks fantastic and completely on point. When she is home with the kids, Betty wears flats, dresses and what now looks frumpy, the kerchief tied under her chin. But this gold and black brocade cocktail dress from two seasons ago shows how incredibly glamorous a mom can be.
tvfash3512 Celebrate Mother's Day with TV's most stylish moms
As Eileen Rand, a savvy Broadway producer on NBC’s “Smash,” Anjelica Huston wears tailored outfits in silks and rich wools. In fact, the character dresses very much like the actress, she tells Zap2it. She is the quintessential New York mom to grown daughter Katie (Grace Gummer) in basic black. Rand is ready to go from a meeting to a night on the town in elegantly simple black pumps, a sharp black suit and a haircut that falls back into place even while she stands in front of an express train on the subway platform.
tvfash4512 Celebrate Mother's Day with TV's most stylish moms
Granted, Julianna Margulies’ title character on CBS’ “The Good Wife,” Alicia Florrick, has a lot going for her and even more going on. But she is always put together, her outfits as controlled as her demeanor. In a top law firm, she’s expected to look professional, but there’s a quiet sophistication to the clothes. She’s sexy without ever being too obvious, such as this form-fitting red dress. And, when she’s home with her teenagers, she does what every mom does — chucks the heels and slips into jeans.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler