“The Celebrity Apprentice” is back. Donald Trump has assembled a new batch of 16 notable names to battle it out for their favorite charities in the boardroom. Among this year’s group are “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville, “Sharknado” and “Beverly Hills, 90210’s” Ian Ziering, pop star Kevin Jonas, “Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Kenya Moore, talk show host Geraldo Rivera and many more. 

In the first episode, the teams are split up boys vs. girls and the drama starts right from the beginning with deciding the team names. Even though Geraldo has always ran his own show so to speak, who knew he would be so dominating when it comes to the other men? He insists on his choice for team name to be used and pretty much shoots down every other suggestion. Ziering and Jonas couldn’t help but be a little taken back by the reporter’s complete name takeover for the team. 
The first project manager for the men’s team is guess who — Geraldo, of course, who turns out to not be the most time efficient manager in the show’s history. All of the men seem visibly annoyed with him right from the get go, so that can’t be a good sign for the way Team Vortex will work together throughout the rest of the competition, does it? 
Posted by:Sarah Huggins