kevin jonas geraldo rivera celebrity apprentice s7 neat nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice': Kevin Jonas' mission to eliminate Geraldo Rivera a complete failureDonald Trump fired two more stars on Monday’s (Jan. 5) “The Celebrity Apprentice,” the latest casualties being musician Kevin Jonas and funny man Gilbert Gottfried. Extremely different circumstances lead to their firings, and in turn, the two have very different feelings on being cut from the competition so early. 

Jonas did a great job delegating as project manager for Team Vortex during the Neat commercial challenge. The task required the group to create a video advertisement for the decluttering software company. Although Gottfried did a great job acting in the men’s commercial, ultimately the ladies prevailed in the eyes of the executives. 
Jonas’ fatal flaw was when choosing who to bring back in front of Trump, he brought his confidant, Ian Ziering, and his nemesis, Geraldo Rivera, into the boardroom. Trump instantly accused Jonas of trying to outthink him, as Lorenzo Lamas should have been brought in instead of Ziering. 
“I definitely wasn’t trying to outsmart Mr. Trump,” Jonas tells Zap2it. “This is his show. He’s in charge. The way I looked at it was Ian, yes, he was my confidant, and if I was going to get rid of someone as powerful essentially as Geraldo, then I’m going to need someone backing me up.” 
Ultimately Jonas backed himself into a corner, and since Lamas being in the room was his choice to make as project manager, Trump had no choice but to send Jonas home. Jonas says he is disappointed he didn’t get more time on the show.
“I wanted to win it so bad,” he confesses. “I definitely regret not bringing [Lamas] in. At the end of the day the cards fell where they did.”
For Gottfried, getting fired after not taking the Luvo bistro dining experience challenge seriously was a relief. “I remember thinking, ‘Is this the part where I am supposed to act really mad about this?'” Gottfried tells Zap2it. “When he said, ‘You’re fired,’ I thought, ‘OK, I’ll just go back to the hotel and watch TV. I’m fine.'”
“The Celebrity Apprentice” airs Mondays on NBC. 
Posted by:Sarah Huggins