whoopi goldberg holiday gi Celebrity holidays: Carol Burnett gets the tree, Whoopi Goldberg overdecoratesAre there certain things it just wouldn’t be the holidays without for you?

You’re not alone. Many of television’s familiar faces also have seasonal traditions they cling to, and some of them shared theirs with Zap2it recently.

Whoopi Goldberg: “I overdecorate. There are Christmas trees and menorahs and Kwanzaa bushes on the property … there are six or seven. I had a giant menorah from another house. It was, like, 5 feet tall. I didn’t think they would be OK with a 5-foot menorah. It is crazy.”

Tom Brokaw: “My wife Meredith’s birthday is Christmas Day, so we
think the Hallelujah Chorus was written just for her! We have a
Christmas Eve tradition that came out of South Dakota, curiously enough,
of oyster stew. In those days, the railroads from Seattle to Chicago
would come with trainloads of oysters … and in small towns along the
way, you could order oysters. Meredith’s grandfather would order a lot
of them, and they’d have oyster stew on Christmas Eve. And that’s been
going on in our family for a total of about 80 years.”

Carol Burnett: “It’s everything that people usually do. You get the tree, you have a nice dinner, you open gifts … all of that.”

Kirstie Alley: “I make everyone wear the exact same thing. There are corny, hideous Christmas pajamas, and everybody’s got them, and we all have to wear them on Christmas Eve. When my kids were little, they loved it; then as they got to be about 11, it was like, ‘OMG!’ And now that they’re almost 20, they’re back into it again. Last Christmas, we had sock-monkey pajamas. Those were good.”

Jennie Garth: “I have so many! I would say baking treats and giving them out to people we love.”

Guy Fieri: “Christmas morning, I remember we had a whole way we would go into the room where the presents were. We’d go in as a family. The door would be closed or papered in the hallway, and the kids would break through it. Having two boys and my nephew and just standing back and watching their faces, I remember that energy that I felt as a kid. When it happens, there is no greater day. It’s like a birthday times 10.”

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