Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx were dressed in their finest tuxedoes for “Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards.” After a little bit of chatter about their upcoming film, “White House Down,” things got very interesting.

Foxx plays the President of the United States — though he makes it clear he’s not playing current president Barack Obama — and Tatum plays the part of an aspiring Secret Service agent. When Kimmel asks if Tatum plays a “sexy Secret Service agent,” Jamie points out that Tatum “can’t get away from being sexy.”

The co-stars then prove this fact by delivering a special performance. Foxx takes a seat behind Kimmel’s grand piano as Tatum grabs a bottle of whiskey. Jamie breaks into song about meeting a girl at a bar and wanting to “Channing all over her Tatum.” Wait, what? When Channing quickly objects, saying the song “sounds dirty” and reminds Jamie “we’re on TV right now,” Jamie insists it’s really “almost spiritual.” So Jimmy allows him to continue.

The next verse is clearly spiritual, right? Jamie sings, “If you’re pickin’ up a latte at the coffee shop, and the lady puts whip cream all over top, then you know she just Channing all over your Tatum. Next Jimmy tries a couple of verses, but gets kicked off the stage when he bring his mom into the lyrics.

Tatum then helps Jamie with the song’s finale by mounting the piano to perform a “Magic Mike”-style humping routine while the audience screams their heads off. After a hot and heavy commercial break, Tatum proceeds to grind on Jimmy himself, then passes out lap dances to members of the audience. Apparently he wanted to Channing all over their Tatums.

Posted by:mchance