chasing life haley ramm abortion brenna 'Chasing Life's' Haley Ramm: Brenna's abortion reveal 'explains a lot'In “Chasing Life’s” first season, Brenna (Haley Ramm) has been struggling just as much her sister April (Italia Ricci). 

She’s trying to navigate the complex relationship with Greer (Gracie Dzienny), which is made tougher by Greer’s parents’ forbidding the two girls to see each other. It was also just revealed that Brenna had an abortion prior to the show’s Season 1 timeline.

Ramm tells Zap2it that the revelation about Brenna explains a lot about the way she has been acting, and also that the emotional roller coaster with Greer is far from over.

Zap2it: Can you talk a little bit about the reveal that Brenna had an abortion? It feels like that explains a lot about her as a character.
Ramm: Yeah, I think that people were a little perplexed why Brenna was such a b**** in the beginning [of the show]. No one was really the biggest fan of hers. When I read that in the script, it made a lot of sense for me. I thought it was a good path to go down, because it explains a lot why she was acting the way she was in the beginning.

It also explains a lot about her friendship with Ford, who can be … a lot at times.
[Laughs] Ford can be a lot, especially when Ford and Brenna are together. When they team up, they’re like the two stooges — every time they’re together, they’re talking about what shenanigans they’re going to get into next. I love their relationship, but Ford is a bad influence. But not that bad.

Do you think Ford can come around and Brenna, Ford, Greer and Kieran can all be friends?
It could happen, definitely. They’ve had their hard times with Ford, but they could all be friends, for sure.

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Speaking of “friends,” Brenna just told Greer that she wants to be there for her “as a friend,” but it doesn’t seem like being “just friends” can last very long.
I think them as “just friends” isn’t going to last too long. But whatever they’re going through, they’re always going to stay friends more than anything because they’ve been through so much together. They’re always going to have some sort of relationship, whether romantic or not.

Are Greer’s parents going to come back into play this season?
They do. Actually Greer’s parents are a big part of the relationship once again.

In the next episode, Sara sets up a college prep course at Brenna’s school. How does Brenna about that? Is she even ready to think about college?
I definitely don’t think that Brenna’s ready to start thinking about college at all. I think Brenna’s the type that should take a gap year in between high school and college. I don’t know if it’s going to go that way or not, but she does end up making a decision about what she wants to do with her future at the end of the episode. It makes me giggle every time. It’s totally a Brenna decision. She’s not being a brat, she’s just being herself. It’s one of my favorite things about her.

How does Sara feel about this decision?

I don’t think we know yet, but I think Sara feels the way you would expect for her to feel about it.

“Chasing Life” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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