chelsea handler justin bieber gi Chelsea Handler felt like a child molester when she interviewed Justin Bieber

During her long-running talk show, “Chelsea Lately,” Chelsea Handler experienced more than her fair share of uncomfortable interviews. Handler spoke with Variety during the promotion tour for her new Netflix series, “Chelsea Does,” and revealed which celebrity gave the worst interview.

Surprise, it’s Justin Bieber.

Given the singer’s negative reputation, one may assume he pulled a prank or said something super offensive that put him at the top of Handler’s list. According to Handler, however, it was Bieber’s attempt at flirtation that rubbed her the wrong way.

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“He tried to flirt with me and it was so uncomfortable,” Handler tells Variety “You feel like a child molester … I was not sexually attracted to a child. Thank you for clearing that up.”

It’s possible Bieber would want to revisit the host as he’s done his best to makeover his public persona and distance himself from his … younger days. As for “Chelsea Does,” Handler explains how she ” wanted to do these documentaries as a bridge to let people know the direction I’m in.”

With her Netflix talk show right around the corner, maybe it’s time for Bieber to return and make a mends … or at the very least, try a better pick-up line.

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