taylor kinney chicago fire nbc 325 'Chicago Fire's' Taylor Kinney: 'They are guys' guys, men's men'

Zap2it: Is “Chicago Fire” a role that requires special training?

Taylor Kinney: There is training in everything. We got here in March, and for two weeks before we started shooting we had fittings and ride-alongs. I got to ride with different guys in different truck companies. If I spend a day at a firehouse, a shift is 24 hours. The nuances you pick up on, and the interactions between men and women serve you really well.

Zap2it: What have you learned?

Taylor Kinney: It’s a brotherhood, and they are really easygoing. And for the most part, I can’t categorize all of these people into one group, but the guys I have spent a lot of time with, they are all guys I could have a beer with, go to a baseball game with. They are guys’ guys, men’s men. They bring a lot of levity to heavy situations.

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Zap2it: You did another show, “Trauma,” with first responders. Did you do similar research, and does that help inform this role?

Taylor Kinney: I did a lot of ride-alongs with paramedics for “Trauma.” I got along really well with one of the San Francisco ambulance guys. I still keep in touch with a couple of firefighters in San Francisco, and it just made it that much more exciting. I had an idea of what I was getting into and I really enjoyed.

What do you want people to know about this show?

Taylor Kinney: We have had a great response from the city, from the people of Chicago. It is beautiful this time of year, and the city itself is another character.

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