Tuesday’s (Feb. 3) “Chicago Fire” ended with EMT Gabriela Dawson (Monica Raymund) calling her brother, “Chicago PD” Detective Antonio Dawson, and asking for his help. He tells her yes without even knowing what she needs — or that the case he’s about to take on will hit very, very close to home.
“Obviously Antonio has no idea why his sister’s calling him, but that doesn’t matter to him, Jon Seda, who plays Antonio on “PD,” tells Zap2it. “It’s his sister, she needs help, so right away he’s gonna drop whatever he’s doing and find out how it is he can help or the whole Intelligence Unit can help. Once he finds out what it’s about, it’s something that he knows affects his sister a whole lot with losing her paramedic partner in Leslie Shay and how it affects the whole of Firehouse 51.”
The “Fire” team uncovered evidence that the blaze that killed Shay (Lauren German) was deliberately set, then traced it to Adrian Gish (guest star Robert Knepper, creepy as ever), a serial arsonist who had been questioned in previous cases but never arrested. When the action shifts to “Chicago PD” on Wednesday, Antonio and the rest of the Intelligence Unit make it their mission to bring down Gish.
“He plays this right-in-your-face kind of guy. He’s not afraid to walk up, as you saw last night with Severide, just walking right up to him and making himself known,” Seda says of Knepper — who, incidentally, co-starred with him in a busted mid-’90s pilot called, of all things, “Under Fire.” “He knows how to balance himself right on the line of going too far to actually be arrested or not, so he plays with that. He’s having fun playing with the fire department, and as you’ll see tonight, playing with the police.”
Gish crosses a line, however, when (as teased in previews for the episode) he sets his sights on Gabriela. “If it wasn’t personal before, it sure becomes personal then,” Seda says. “We’re gonna do whatever we can and whatever it takes to get this guy.”
“Chicago PD” airs at 10 p.m. ET/PT Wednesdays on NBC.
Posted by:Rick Porter