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A new day is about to dawn for CNN.
One of the first aims of the cable news network’s new chief, former NBC programmer and “Today” executive producer Jeff Zucker, was to launch a new weekday morning show. It becomes a reality Monday, June 17, with the premiere of the three-hour “New Day”; two of CNN’s most recent hires, Chris Cuomo and Michaela Pereira, will team with Kate Bolduan as hosts of the program.
“‘More’ and ‘better’ are words that I have written on the wall,” Cuomo tells Zap2it about the content of the New York-based “New Day.”

“CNN can just do more. We can cover more stories than most other outlets, just because of the resources. And you don’t have the commodity here of the big [guest] bookings, which have created kind of a toxic competitiveness now.”

The comfort factor among a morning show’s hosts also is a major component, as has been reinforced on both ends of the scale lately. For a time, CNN evening host Erin Burnett was rumored to become Cuomo’s “New Day” partner, but he maintains he’s pleased how things worked out.
“I have never been with anybody who makes me smile and have fun more than K.B.,” he claims of Bolduan. “I consider it a blessing that we’ve had so much time to get to know each other without being on TV together. She cracks me up; it’s very ‘sibling,’ and I think it’s refreshing and real. And no one comes close to bringing what Michaela brings. She is a force to be reckoned with on television.”
The brother of New York’s current governor (Andrew) and a son of a former one (Mario), Cuomo has extra “New Day” comfort in its senior executive producer: Jim Murphy, who guided ABC’s “Good Morning America” when Cuomo was that broadcast’s news anchor.
“I left morning television for a reason, and I’m coming back to it for a reason,” Cuomo says. “I wanted to get back on television every day if I could do things I think are important and I think I do well … that I can do to add something to people’s lives. If this show was not going to be built that way, I wouldn’t have had much interest.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin