Chris Pine is currently making the rounds doing press for "Star Trek Beyond," which naturally includes a stop at "The Tonight Show" -- where he was able to get some sweet revenge on host Jimmy Fallon.

The set-up happened during Monday's (July 18) interview segment. Apparently the last time Pine was on "The Tonight Show," he got his butt kicked by Fallon in a game of Battleshots, which is like Battleship with the added bonus of doing shots of liquor. Pine ended up doing seven shots and Fallon didn't do any.

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"I felt so bad," says Fallon, as Pine cracks it led to "a long night of self-loathing and drinking."

Hopefully it did not lead to the same outcome as his first drinking game did, a story he tells Fallon that ended in high schooler Pine him coming home "covered in puke." Well, that'll teach you to mix Goldschlager and warm Bud Light, Pine.

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But revenge is a dish best served ... in an inflatable sumo suit. And Pine got his revenge on Fallon in awesome fashion.

The two face off in a game of Inflatable Flip Cup and wow, it's not even close. Pine gets half his cups flipped over on the first try and he only needs two flips on the other cups. It's quite impressive.


"Star Trek Beyond" opens nationwide Friday, July 22.

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