Thanks to Wednesday (Jan. 7) night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Chris Pratt has once again proven that he is basically a real-life Andy Dwyer.

In the above clip, a seriously excited (and then quickly confused) Pratt walks into Kimmel’s personal office asking for the host’s advice about which bowtie he should wear.

However, Kimmel has no clue what the “Parks and Recreation” star is talking about until Pratt says that he’s just prepping for his appearance on the show later that night. Too bad for Pratt, apparently he was definitely not invited to be a guest. What a Dwyer move.

Of course, Pratt doesn’t let the completely-real-and-totally-not-planned opportunity to promote the next season of “Parks and Recreation” pass, so he basically forces Kimmel to “bang one out” — yes, sex jokes are involved — and interview him right there and then. And it’s not like he’s asking for much; all he requests is that Guillermo joins them and that the band introduces him. No biggie at all.

What follows is one of the most hilariously awkward interviews of all time, which is filled with failed grandma anecdotes, way too many silent moments and a pretty much naked Guillermo. Oh, and an awkward moment when Pratt asks for a gift bag but doesn’t get anything except a jar of sweetener because, well, he wasn’t even invited in the first place.

“Parks and Recreation” returns for its final season on Tuesday (Jan. 13) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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Posted by:Casey Rackham