zachary levi yvonne strahovski chuck wedding 'Chuck' and Sarah, and other TV couples we're just not intoA lot of  “Chuck” fans are very unhappy about what’s going on right now. They are not down with this Chuck and Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) business, nor Sarah and Shaw (Brandon Routh). Their displeasure is so acute they actually want to boycott the show until these new people are dispatched and Chuck and Sara are back in their permanent will-they-of-won’t-they state.

“It was not unexpected that people who are into Chuck/Sarah — I refuse to use the word ‘shippers,’ but you can, I just want my objection to that term duly noted on the record — would be not thrilled with the development,” “Chuck” creator Josh Schwartz tells The Star-Ledger’s Alan Sepinwall.

Seriously, people. Do you really want to throw a dramatic temper tantrum about obviously temporary love diversions over a beloved show that was perilously close to not coming back this season?

Frankly, we don’t see it.

While we liked Chuck and Sarah in the beginning, Rachel Bilson’s guest stint kind of changed that and it’s been reinforced with Kreuk this season. Chuck has a special kind of chemistry with the cute little brunettes that seems somehow lacking in his prolonged infatuation with Sarah.

And Shaw, well, come on, underneath that mild-mannered exterior he’s Superman. As Sarah said in Monday’s (Feb. 8) episode, “I have a type.” Shaw is way more in line with her previous boyfried, Bryce Larkin, than Chuck ever will be.

Chuck and Sarah are just one of the the TV couples that we can’t manage to get worked up about though. Check out some of the others that don’t have enough going on to keep us interested.

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