kelly siegler cold justice tnt 325 'Cold Justice' follows Marg Helgenberger's real life 'CSI' character prototypeLong after the funeral flowers wilt, everyone hugs, and the silence a death brings settles in, survivors are expected to go on with their lives.

It’s always difficult, but when someone is murdered, it’s a special pain. And when the murderer is never caught, that pain is immeasurable. Eventually the police file is relegated to the cold cases and rarely solved.

TNT’s “Cold Justice,” premiering Tuesday, Sept. 3, aims to help right those wrongs. It features two women who are fierce about nabbing criminals, no matter how cold the case.

Kelly Siegler was a Texas prosecutor with impressive numbers: She won the 68 murder cases she tried and secured the death penalty in 19 out of 20 capital cases.

Yolanda McClary worked for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for 26 years and investigated more than 7,000 crimes.

“Yolanda was the prototype for Marg Helgenberger’s character on ‘CSI,’ ” Siegler tells Zap2it. “That ruined us! This is real.”

There is no crime these two have not seen. In the eight-episode series, they travel to small towns where police do not have teams of specialists.

“These cases are not cold,” McClary says. “They are frozen.”

By now, witnesses have moved away or died, memories have become fuzzy, and one would think evidence is gone.

But in one such case, the women would only say a brick was instrumental, and that brick was holding down the lid of a garbage can out in the open.

The women work together, determined to bring the murderers to justice.

“We try to hand them the case on a gold platter,” McClary says.

“Most of these cases had multiple suspects,” she adds.

Often the problem was that first responders “focus too long on the wrong people,” Siegler says.

“I would like for all of these families out there who had a family member murdered to know there are people who never give up.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler