franco firth ge Colin Firth and James Franco react to best actor Oscar nominationsColin Firth and James Franco are, respectively, “thrilled” and feeling “great” about their just-announced best actor Oscar nominations.

Both actors made brief appearances on the “Today” show to share their reactions with hosts Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer.

“It seems like I was fired out of a cannon this time last year,” said Firth who was nominated last year for “A Single Man” and this year for his widely lauded performance in “The King’s Speech.” “And now it’s like I’m orbiting Pluto.”

Although Firth faces off against Jeff Bridges again this year — Bridges is nominated for “True Grit” — he told Lauer he has no plans to knee-cap the man who beat him last year.

What will Firth be wearing come Oscar night?

“I wouldn’t need to much excuse to get into a kilt. It’s one of the most wonderfully liberating experiences of my life,” he said. “No one else would thank me.”

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Meanwhile, Franco was reached in New Haven, Conn. where the “127 Hours” lead was apparently getting ready to attend classes for one of his four graduate programs.

“I’m about to go to class,” said Franco. “I’ve got my normal pre-class make-up on and there are some lights here. It’s great.”

Franco, who will also co-host the Academy Award ceremony with Anne Hathaway, was pragmatic about his chances for a win.

“[Producers] also stuck this earwig in my ear, so I also got to hear your whole interview with Colin Firth,” said Franco. “He’s already polishing his statue.”

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Also in the running for best Oscar: Javier Bardem (“Biutiful”), Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”)

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson