arrow left behind colton haynes Colton Haynes: 'Arrow' Season 3 winter premiere will anger fans (but in a good way)In the “Arrow” Season 3 winter finale, Oliver Queen fought Ra’s al Ghul to the death — and lost. When the show picks back up, we might not find out his fate for a while.

“There’s so many different ways it could go and I think people will be kind of shocked,” star Colton Haynes tells Zap2it. “They’re expecting to come back and be like ‘Surprise, there’s Oliver,’ but he’s not [there].”

Ultimately, you’re going to have to put some faith in Team Arrow and the writers of the show. “The way [the show goes] about it keeps fans on the edge of their seat,” Haynes says. “It’s kind of going to piss them off a little bit, but it’s going to be in a good way. Trust me.”

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The first order of business when the show returns Wednesday (Jan. 21) is reacting to Oliver’s absence. ” Step one is dealing with the emotions that everyone is going through,” Haynes says. “We have Felicity, who’s obviously in love with Oliver, and then Roy can’t decide if he’s angry at the fact that he’s gone [or what]. He doesn’t have time to think. Everyone just has to go, ‘Ok, show of hands, how are we going to go about this?'”

The makeshift crime-fighting operation might not go very smoothly without its leader. “We really have to take over Oliver’s position, which is proving to be really difficult because it’s always a vote situation. It’s a too many cooks in the kitchen type of thing,” he says. “Everyone has their own idea of how things should go. When Oliver was there, he just kind of said something and we would all go with it.”

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Oh, and there’s a new member of Team Arrow: Laurel will suit up as the Black Canary for the first time. “Roy brings Laurel into the fold and trusts her, and they kind of form a team — Black Canary and Arsenal,” he says. “We’re kind of just throwing stuff to a wall and hoping it sticks and hoping we can do the right thing.”

Laurel’s integration into the team is a more accelerated process thanks to Oliver’s absence, but Haynes says she’ll figure things out quickly. “The good thing is with Laurel, she picks up quick,” he says — but she won’t have as much experience as the rest of the team. “People don’t trust her a lot because she doesn’t have the training that a lot of us have had. Roy had to go through a gamut of things before he even really got to join the team. Laurel, she has to really watch her emotions because they can get the best of her. It might cause her to make a few decisions that she might regret — that she will regret.”

But at least Laurel will look cool while she’s figuring it all out. “It’s sexy. Her costume is incredible,” Haynes says. “She looks like a badass.”

Reporting by Chris Hayner.

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