joel mchale red carpet 325 nc 'Community': Joel McHale bemoans lack of craft services and Jeff Winger's daddy issues

Zap2it: The show has had a rocky ride. What’s that been like?
Joel McHale: In what sense? The food? Why don’t we have a craft-services truck? They made us remove it because of health code. They made everybody remove the trucks, every production, and then every production brought them back, except ours. And we had one of the best trucks around.
Zap2it: Has your character, disbarred lawyer Jeff Winger, been redeemed?
Joel McHale: No, not at all. He’s got all sorts of problems. It’s just like real life. You can have epiphany moments, definitely, but it doesn’t always mean your behavior changes overnight in any way. That’s what real life is like. It’s gradual. He has learned a ton. He loves the group now, but he’s still pretty selfish. Those things always come up, not when you least expect it, but they come up in areas that have still not been challenged yet.
Zap2it: What issues is Jeff still facing?
Joel McHale: He still has trouble maintaining relationships, and with whether he really wants a relationship with a woman. He still has a lot of daddy issues. Clearly he has some issues with his mom. It’s strange to say this, but it is a pleasure to play those things and a pleasure to play the character in the dynamic of this group. It’s so much fun. I still have to pinch myself.
Zap2it: Are you looking forward to playing a boring leading man some day?
Joel McHale: Hey, yeah! I’ll let you know when that happens.

“Community” airs Thursdays on NBC.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare