Jim Gaffigan was on “Conan” Wednesday (June 29), bringing some of his patented stand-up vibe to the interview. First up … Gaffigan really wants everyone to stop hating on Nickelback. Not because he has a particular affinity for the band, but because — what did Nickelback ever do to you?

“I feel like there’s this strange moment where people decide that we’re all gonna hate some celebrity for no real reason at all,” says the comedian. “I don’t know anything about Nickelback, but I know that my friends who are super cool despise Nickelback, like they kidnapped the Lindbergh baby.”

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He says that sometimes people go to “Outrage Jail” for an actual thing they did wrong, but more often they go to “Outrage Jail” for no reason.

“Like, Carrot Top. I mean, Carrot Top really didn’t do anything wrong, but people are angry at him too … I don’t know why, props?” says Gaffigan, as host Conan O’Brien busts up laughing.

Gaffigan also talks about opening for the pope, though really he opened for the popemobile — which is not the first time he’s opened for a car.

“I had to shorten our honeymoon so that I could fly back to perform at the Iowa State Fair, where I opened for Kyle Busch’s NASCAR. It wasn’t even Kyle Busch … they wheeled out his car and the car did better than me,” says Gaffigan. “I’m hoping to eventually open for a pick-up truck.”

Finally, he also reveals that his young son, Patrick, can apparently fall asleep anywhere and he cues the photos of his son asleep at three different family dinners.

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