When you hit a certain age, comfort lying down becomes the ultimate priority. This makes perfect sense when it comes to someone like Larry King. And while we all should strive for healthy sleep on the regular, King has gone a step further. As he explained on Wednesday’s (July 6) episode of “Conan,” he and his wife Shawn have created their own line of luxurious linens.

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Yes, that’s right … Larry King is now in the bed sheet business. But after a couple of questions, it becomes evident the “Larry King Now” host has no understanding of thread count. King makes a good point, though, in stating that it doesn’t matter as long as it feels good when you lie in it. We could make the same assertion when discussing $240 worth of pudding, but we digress.

To fully showcase the wonders of these special sheets in question, Conan and Andy join Larry in a rather majestic-looking bed. Full disclosure: for a fleeting moment there, we wanted to place an order for ourselves. And hey, you actually can do that if the urge hits you. Head on over to SleepLikeAKing.com and — after you’re done watching Larry and Shawn King’s bizarre videos — take a gander at all those linens.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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