Sometimes it’s a hard pill to swallow that most things presented on TV are in some way, or another, a lie. It’s easy to see the cracks in the facade with shows like “The Bachelorette,” thanks to shows like “UnREAL.” And with talk shows, plans can change very at short notice. That was the case in the above clip from “Conan.”

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Since it seems most late night shows are on hiatus, TBS aired a “Scrapisode” on Tuesday (July 5) showcasing a bunch of tidbits that never made it to air. In this particular segment, Conan explains to the audience why the musical guest — one Sturgill Simpson — was not there to perform live. To complete the program, the host had to shoot his intro and outro for the performance in question. Timothy Olyphant wasn’t too keen on accepting this new reality.

Joined by Jerrod Carmichael on the couch, both actors simply refused to react as if a band just performed. It’s a fun peek at what happens behind-the-scenes of the show — even if the guests get unruly. What can we say? Defiant Timothy Olyphant may be the best Timothy Olyphant!

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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