connie britton hair flip Angel wings: A tribute to Connie Britton's hairEver have that butterfly feeling? Like that weak-in-the-knees, stomach-fluttering feeling? Zap2it gets it too, and it’s mostly anytime Connie Britton’s hair is shown on screen. Clearly it’s not an isolated case: The actress’ hair is so popular among fans it has Tumblr accounts devoted to it and even its own Twitter handle.

So to pay homage to Britton and her flawless locks, the following is a love letter to one of the countless things to admire about the actress — her hair.

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Dearest Angel Wings,

I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on you.  Never has there ever been anything more flowing, beautiful and shiny bestowed upon one woman. I went to caress you, but was met with resistance from the harsh glow of “Friday Night Lights” playing on my TV screen. It was then I realized I must worship your grace from afar, as difficult as it was to bear.

So I watched as Tami Taylor never once woke up with bedhead and went about her duties as the supermom with flawless hair. You made her so happy, every week I saw her dancing with joy. That was also one of the first times I realized you were truly sent from heaven. There is no denying there isn’t a beam of light following your every move. 

connie britton fnl dance Angel wings: A tribute to Connie Britton's hair Then sadly when “FNL” came to an end, I feared I would lose you, but what I didn’t know then was the best was yet to come.

You added some sizzle and came out swinging, literally, bouncing with your golden and glistening curls on “American Horror Story.” Vivien Harmon had to look fear in the eye on a daily basis. I grew to admire you as the mainstay, no matter just how scary and bloody life got for poor Vivien. The vibrant spring in your curls held up even through childbirth! I realized never before has anyone had hair with such luminosity. I wasn’t the only one who noticed, it was very apparent the scariest thing for the other players in “AHS” was just how they were expected to compete with your undiminished beauty.

One could write a book about watching you run. The grace in which you bring to each and every curl during each and every one of Connie’s strides is beyond breathtaking. It would be hard for anyone to believe this type of beauty was on a real woman.

Connie-Britton-hair-AHS-face.gifThen you were once again ripped from me, like a bad weave, only to turn up again in the most glorious of ways. You came back on “Nashville’s” Rayna Jaymes, bigger and more bountiful than ever, befitting your new setting. Your versatility on Rayna is astonishing. I never knew you could steal hearts in so many ways, even entangled in a braid or a side ponytail. I love that you are right where you belong on a superstar head right under the bright lights of Nashville.

connie britton side pony Angel wings: A tribute to Connie Britton's hairNever forget how beautiful you are. Never forget just a slight glimpse of you brightens even the gloomiest person’s day. You are flawlessly captivating beyond belief. A beauty like yours will stand the test of time.

Forever Yours,


Posted by:Sarah Huggins