matt ryan constantine season 2 nbc 'Constantine': Matt Ryan's Season 2 hopes and dreams

Now that Season 1 of “Constantine” has come to an end, you might be wondering what’s next. A second season hasn’t been ordered yet, but if that happens, the finale left questions to address in the future — like figuring out exactly what Manny’s up to and why he would make a deal with Papa Midnite.
Beyond that lingering plot, what else should happen in a possible Season 2? Star Matt Ryan (John) has some thoughts. Speaking to Zap2it about “Constantine’s” future, the actor shared three stories he’d like the show to tackle, should it get renewed.
1. A return to Newcastle
The “Constantine” pilot introduced Astra, a little girl who died in the Newcastle incident, causing John to leave his old life behind. While the brief introductions of Anne Marie and Gary Lester have illuminated that event a bit, there’s still a long way to go. 
“The plan very much is to do a Newcastle episode. I think the original plan was to introduce the members of the Newcastle crew — like we’ve done with Gary Lester and Anne Marie — bring them in and actually go back to that time when that happened,” Ryan says. “My understanding of it was it would be some kind of flashback episode where we actually see what happened with Astra.”
2. ‘Dangerous Habits’
“Dangerous Habits” is a six-issue story arc from the “Hellblazer” comics that finds John inching closer to death while suffering from terminal lung cancer. It’s also Constantine’s first encounter with the devil, which would make for very interesting TV, whether it happened in Season 2 or later in the series. “I would love for the show to be on the air long enough to get the ‘Dangerous Habits’ arc because that’s my favorite of all I’ve read,” Ryan says.
3. ‘The Family Man’
While John has faced numerous monsters, demons and supernatural forces, how would be fare against a human serial killer? That’s the arc of “The Family Man,” from the “Hellblazer” comics. A serial killer is targeting families and Constantine must stop him. Ryan explains, “We’ve seen John battling demons, and there’s a great line where he says, ‘Demons and devils, I can handle them. But people …'”
It’s the kind of story that could likely be summed up in an episode or two and give audiences a whole new idea of the monsters John has to face. “[The killer] is just a normal guy, and I think that’s a really interesting thing to explore,” Ryan says. “I’m not a writer but I think it could be an interesting arc.” The secret bonus is that “Family Man” also brings John’s dad into the story.
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