The only thing better than having former “Vampire Diaries” actor Chris Wood back on TV is drinking while watching Chris Wood on TV.

On Tuesday (April 19), The CW premieres its new limited series “Containment,” in which the city of Atlanta gets split up and locked down in quarantine after a deadly and gruesome virus breaks out. Exploring themes of xenophobia, both the beautiful and ugly side of humanity that comes out when people are put in impossibly stressful situations and the political fall out, a few drinks with fun rules will help ease the intensity of this drama filled series.

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Executive Producer Julie Plec says, “It’s a very long slow journey though the first season” with  a “subtle thread of conspiracy.” This show is a departure for Plec, who’s well-known for her hit supernatural series like “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals.” Based on the Belgian show, “Cordon,” “Containment” presents a non-supernational catastrophe, a viral outbreak that causes what could very well be a terrifying situation in real life.

So fill up your cups “Containment” fans! And cheers to having fun while a deadly mystery viral infection threatens to turn America into a dystopian disaster area.

Drink one sip:

Every time someone says, “Four to six feet.”

Staying four to six feet away from each other is the safe distance in which you can avoid catching the virus. Why four to six feet? Why not just say five? Not sure, but no one questions it. Physical contact must be avoided at all costs for people trapped inside the infected area, and this “four to six feet” rule gets repeated often. So often, Wood even jokes about it on Instagram.

Take a shot:

If you miss a plot point because you get lost in Chris Wood’s eyes.

Good luck with this one. This is actually might be why the DVR rewind button was originally invented.

Chris Wood gif


Each time someone dies.

It’s a violently bloody affair each time the virus takes hold of a new victim and it’s tough to watch. Close your eyes and drown the scene out by emptying your solo cup instead.

Chris Wood in 'Containment'

Switch to water:

Each time Chris Wood appears in a tank top.

You’ll want to be sober and fully alert each time this happens.

Chris Wood 'Containment' gif2


“Containment” premieres on Tuesday, April 19 night at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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