The CW’s “Containment” will not live to see a Season 2, but for those looking for hope amidst this disappointing news, there is a silver lining. When executive producer Julie Plec’s limited series got the axe, it instantly freed up the cast members to work on other series. And since Plec is the Shonda Rhimes of the CW, many of the actors will be sticking within the network family, and choosing to remain under Plec’s wing.

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According to TV Line, Christina Moses, who played Jana, is heading to “The Originals” as a bi-sexual werewolf for the series’ fourth season. Kristen Gutoskie, whose character met her tragic demise in “Containment’s” penultimate episode, will be heading to Plec’s other popular series, “The Vampire Diaries.”

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Who else will be joining Plec’s magical vampire world is yet to be seen. She says that she is dreaming up scenarios to also “get George Young, Demetrius Bridges and Zach Unger somewhere into the universe.” But what viewers are really dying to know: Will Chris Wood, who starred as Jake Riley on “Containment,” return as Kai on “The Vampire Diaries”?

Kai 'The Vampire DIaires'

Kai was the wicked witch everyone loved to hate, and just because he technically died on the series doesn’t mean he can’t come back. We’ve seen so many characters get resurrected in so many different ways that it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility. Especially with the crossover emotions that could happen if Kai returned to Mystic Falls and met Gutoskie’s character. This would wholly satisfy all sad “Containment” fans. It would be such an epic Katie/Jake reunion, and also such an exciting Kai/new love interest story, fans’ heads might explode.

While it hasn’t been officially announced, all it takes is one look at Plec’s Instagram to see that Nadine Lewington, who played Suzy on “Containment,” also might be joining the “The Vampire Diaries” party in Season 8.

Happy Season 8, 1 in a series. #tvd

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The seasons finale of “Containment” airs on Tuesday, July 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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