In the 21st century, it may be a greater infraction against your partner than returning the car without gas or leaving the toilet seat up. Nevertheless, sometimes the temptation is irresistible, and you find yourself sneakily watching episodes of “Orange is the New Black” or “House of Cards” alone, after promising your significant other you’d binge together.

Now, “commitment rings” may soon be coming to a finger near you, intended to prevent one partner from watching services like Netflix or Hulu without the other. And believe it or not, the geniuses behind the idea are … a UK ice cream company?

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In an effort to make sure that “Netflix and Chill” doesn’t becomes “Netflix and Kill,” Cornetto (yes, like the Edgar Wright movies — which you can undoubtedly stream on multiple channels) has created special rings that connect to streaming apps. The rings will jam access to TV shows that you both watch together — unscrambling the signal only when both rings are together in range of the streaming device.

Of course, the rings would seem to introduce opportunities for further deception — what if you used someone else’s log-in? What if you just watched on your phone instead? — but in some ways, that just seems like the modern equivalent of renting a hotel room during your lunch break or getting a friend to tell the spouse that you were together, just playing cards, during that night in question in Vegas.

Will the rings catch on? More importantly, how many relationships will they save? With distribution of the rings coming soon from the ice cream company, it might be the most intriguing concept since the waffle cone.

Posted by:Larry Carroll

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