courteney cox tonight show 'Cougar Town's' Courteney Cox: No 'Friends' for TBS Season 1Zap2it: There was so much talk about “Cougar Town” possibly changing its title while it was on ABC, are you glad that the show kept it, especially now that it has moved to TBS?

Courteney Cox: I loved the fact that we named it that at the beginning, because it was racy and bold, but I also knew that it was never going to be a show about me and younger guys. It was very clear from the beginning that I was going to have an attraction to my neighbor, but I thought the title was fine.

Some people got so turned off by that name, though, that we started talking about changing it in the hope of getting people to ask, “What? What’s ‘Cougar Town’?” It would bring more awareness to the show, but people also could choose what they wanted it to be called. It got people to notice, but honestly, I don’t know that it gave us any more fans. I think the work has to speak for itself in the end.

Zap2it: Your “Friends” comrades Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow appeared in “Cougar Town” episodes during the ABC run. Do they return, or do any of the others show up in the new batch?

Courteney Cox: No. We only did 15 episodes, and it all happened so fast. Suddenly, it was like, “Wow. We only have one more week to go!” I think it’s gone so well, it’s just been great. We’ve done a good job of sticking to funny stories, I think, but I like it when we have silly storylines that end up with heart.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin