Rebecca and Greg in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

On the surface it may seem like Rachel Bloom’s Amy Schumer-like, boundary-pushing brand of comedy would jar with the feel-good vibes of The CW’s other Monday night comedy, “Jane the Virgin.” However, the down-to-earth-yet-still-aspirational aura of “Crazy’s” Rebecca Bunch makes you think that she and Jane Villanueva could be best friends — making The CW Monday nights a TV destination for good-time TV.

In the pilot episode, Rebecca (Bloom) sees a run-in with her high school summer camp boyfriend after a decade apart as a reason to give her New York lawyer life a makeover. That means moving to West Covina, Calif. to work at a smaller firm but with grand hopes of finding true love. Her journey to be happy while simultaneously avoiding a restraining order from her ex are interrupted with clever musical bits that give a deeper look inside Rebecca’s psyche. It makes you realize she’s a lot more like you than you probably want to admit and “Sexy Getting Ready Song” is a certified jam.

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It works the same way that the telenovela fantasies pop into “Jane the Virgin,” adding a whimsical element to the real-life drama and hysterics going around.

What “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” also shares with “Jane the Virgin” is that the seemingly outlandish premise doesn’t overtake the heart of the show. Think about it — does moving across the country for a boyfriend from 10 years ago sound any more insane than having your boss’ baby because his manic depressive sister accidentally artificially inseminated you with his sperm?

It doesn’t, but just like “Jane” the plot points of “Crazy” take a backseat to characters that feel like your friends and family, like you. Relatable characters in ridiculously entertaining scenarios are a great recipe for success and The CW is making a must-see combination with these two.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Megan Vick