Every show has an unlikeable character, some have a lot, and on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” the villain role was absolutely owned by Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz). Not only was she selfish, vapid and a completely terrible match for Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), her Mean Girl character stuck out hugely among all the other female characters on this CW series. While Rebecca (Rachel Bloom), Paula (Donna Lynn Champlin, Heather (Vella Lovell) all have their faults — many, many faults — they’re lovable, even when acting like idiots.

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We used to groan anytime Valencia entered a scene. She wasn’t even a mean girl you love to hate, she was just obnoxious and whiny — we never understood why Josh was so in love with this trite excuse for a woman.

valenica gif Crazy Ex Girlfriend: Valencias back & her transformation is incredible

But then her engagement with Josh ended. Against all odds, and much due to Rebecca’s insane insistence, she became best friends with her one-time nemesis. Watching the two of them pair up to stalk Josh online was hysterical to watch — but it was worrisome that the only thing they had in common was their anger at their ex.

When Rebecca took Josh back after his breakup with Anna (Brittany Snow), the first thought we had was Ohhh, wait until Valencia finds out… And, being the social media-obsessed pair that Josh and Rebecca are, Valencia already knew. It took few episodes until we saw Valencia again, but when we did, it was clear she was hurt. You could see the Why didn’t he fight for me? question lingering in her brain, along with wondering if Rebecca was ever a real friend in the first place.

valencia and rebecca gif Crazy Ex Girlfriend: Valencias back & her transformation is incredible

On top of everything, Valencia realizes she actually hates being a yoga instructor: She’s utterly lost in life. But her problem is not Josh and Rebecca. She does not want to be with Josh. And while like everyone else, she thinks Rebecca marrying him so quickly, or ever, is a horrible decision, it has no effect on her. Whether or not they break up will have no bearing on her happiness. And if they are meant for each other, then they should be together.

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What’s most beautiful about Friday night’s (Jan. 27) episode is how the newly transformed Valencia discovers her new vocation in life by helping Rebecca plan her wedding. She’s clearly going to have a eureka moment in next week’s finale and realize this for herself — but it’s already so beautiful to watch Valencia — through taking the high road, and finally putting someone else’s feelings above her own — heading toward becoming her best self.

We love seeing the four women of “Crazy Ex” all being there for each other, it’s like the West Covina musical version of “Sex and the City.” And now that a third season has been renewed, we don’t even have to fear suddenly losing them! Welcome home, Valencia. You’ve always been a star to us.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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