Zap2it: Where did you develop the sensibility that goes into your acting, writing and composing on “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”?

Rachel Bloom: I always felt like a neurotic little New Yorker who wanted to be on Broadway, living in Southern California. And kids were pretty mean about it. And I went through a period of, basically, pretty bad depression and OCD right around puberty. It was also around the time that I was wearing sweatpants to school and cutting my own hair.

Long story short, it culminated in seventh grade with the popular kids paying the most popular kid to ask me out as a prank. I was happy, but everyone was like, “You’re a dork for being happy.” It was a lot of that type of stuff, so I think my sense of humor has always tended towards either really, really dark or really, really happy.

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Zap2it: Since your Rebecca’s devotion to Vincent Rodriguez’s Josh is pivotal to the series, what was your role in casting him?

Rachel Bloom: It’s interesting because — I don’t know how interesting this is, but I was in Germany for my friend’s wedding, so I was watching a lot of these tapes while I was in Germany. That makes me sound way more cosmopolitan and interesting than I usually am, but I remember using any cell-phone minutes to talk about how amazing Vince was.

I was like, “Oh, Vince is it. Can we just stop auditioning people now? He’s it.” A lot of what’s in the pilot was stuff that he came up with in his audition scene that we just kept. He just … he blew it out of the water. It was amazing.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin