criminal minds jennifer love hewitt 'Criminal Minds' Season 10 premiere: Jennifer Love Hewitt debuts, what did you think?Jennifer Love Hewitt joined the “Criminal Minds” in Season 10 as Kate Callahan, a transfer agent who steps in now that Dr. Alex Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) has left the BAU team. As far as episodes go, this one seemed fairly innocuous (by “Criminal Minds” standards) until the last five minutes, when a couple curveballs were thrown the audience’s way.

First off, Callahan goes home to a young girl who seems at first like her daughter, but when they exchange “I love yous,” the girl says, “I love you too, Kate.” Hmm. Step-daughter? Sister? Something else entirely? The way it was framed made it seem like a reveal, so there’s obviously something going on there we’ll learn more about.

Secondly, the chilling ending of the episode teased not only a ring of men buying and selling young girls (which is all too real in all parts of the world), but also the fact that the BAU didn’t really catch their unsub in the premiere episode. We would expect that to come back around at some point.

Finally, as an aside, how creepy was it was to see Kerr Smith as a weirdo who gets off on fondling people’s severed limbs? Super creepy.

What did you think of JLH’s premiere?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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