Paget Brewster at the Community school dance

Paget Brewster is starring on new FOX comedy “Grandfathered,” but before that, she was on “Criminal Minds” for six seasons. After leaving in Season 7, she returned for the 200th episode in early 2014, and she would have liked to return for Season 11 while A.J. Cook is out on maternity leave, but she tells the 2015 TCA summer press tour that it just didn’t work out.

“I was hoping to jump in and do a couple [of episodes], because my friend A.J. Cook, who plays JJ, is [on maternity leave],” says Brewster. “But it didn’t work out, time-wise.”

She elaborates, “[Cook] called me and I said, ‘I think [I can return], if we aren’t doing ‘Grandfathered” because I didn’t know yet if we were picked up, and i didn’t know what the schedule would be. It didn’t work out this time, which is too bad because I love those guys.”

“I love the writers, I’m still friends with everyone there,” Brewster continues. “But it just didn’t work out, which is a shame. I felt really bad. I really wanted to do it! And I love our fans.”

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Brewster also reveals that doing comedy, like on “Community” and now “Grandfathered,” is a different kind of pressure from working on “Criminal Minds.”

“[‘Criminal Minds’] is a very specific kind of acting. Comedy is actually scarier because you want to land the humor and honor what the writers did — there’s a different pressure,” she says. “The pressure on ‘Criminal Minds’ is I want to honor the actual men and women in the FBI … people that have to face these tragedies every day. It’s not a joke, it’s not comedy. It’s how do I represent these people that are actually heroes in the real world.”

“But the set on ‘Criminal Minds’ is still really fun, it’s funny. We had fun.”

“Grandfathered” premieres Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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