shemar moore criminal minds cbs newscom 325 'Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore drinks wine, flirts on TwitterZap2it: You were social-media ambassador this year for the Emmy Awards, which aired on your home network, CBS. What appeals to you about being out there on Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

Shemar Moore: Now that I’m more and more into it, it is nice, because with everything I’ve done in almost 20 years of my career, I get to introduce myself to fans on my terms. So, it’s not me on “Ellen” or this movie or TV show or whatever. That’s a part of me, but it’s the character I’m playing.

Zap2it: Don’t you risk getting overexposed?

Shemar Moore: Of course, I’m not going to give them everything, because it’s my life, but they get a better sense of me, and I get to promote positive things. So I can get on there and flirt and be silly. I can put up halfway, wannabe sexy pictures of myself or play with my dogs. They get to see a day in the life of me, but on my terms. It’s been kind of fun.

Zap2it: Obviously, you don’t do all of the social-media work for your Baby Girl clothing line, but how often is it really you responding?

Shemar Moore: I’m very active. I get in there. I do my little Shemar Moore Tweet Sprees. I’ll just randomly sit down with a glass of wine. I’ll go to the bottom of my feed, and I’ll go through Twitter and just answer, one by one, every fan for two hours, until my thumbs run out of gas.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare