mick jagger crossfire hurricane hbo 325 'Crossfire Hurricane': Mick Jagger says early Rolling Stones press dealings were 'pretty hostile, out and out ghastly'Zap2it: How could you fit half a century of the Stones into a single documentary, “Crossfire Hurricane”?

Mick Jagger: It was just too big of a project to do everything.

Zap2it: How long were you working on it?

Mick Jagger
: About a year.

Zap2it: What were you going for?

Mick Jagger
: It is kind of different from other projects. It is all about you — you being the band. You are kind of like it is different from a normal thing. You still want to find a director that had some sort of vision and to approach the vision in an interesting way and not corny. Where you have been exactly before? And then let him get on with it. You say that and there is so much to do and get the footage to find things and then we set about this task of doing voice-overs without filming people without being embarrassed. We set all of those things up and let the director go on with it up until a point.

Zap2it: What comes through is how awful the press was to you in the beginning. How do you describe it?

Mick Jagger: It was very hostile, with one or two exceptions. You had to play the game — particularly in London. Most of it was very hostile; even the music press was pretty hostile, out and out ghastly. Our reaction was sometimes very funny, but if you had a bit of a long day [and] didn’t want to deal with that stuff, you were forced to, especially in the early days. Management wanted you to become well known. You were forced to do it.

“Crossfire Hurricane” premieres Thursday, Nov. 15 on HBO.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler