stephanie cutter crossfire cnn 'Crossfire's' Stephanie Cutter on Gov. Chris Christie: 'If I were advising him, no way I would let him come on'
Zap2it: This interview is happening in the middle of the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal. Would you want New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on your show?
Stephanie Cutter: He would be an interesting guest for all of us, not just the progressive side or the conservative side. He is interesting for all of us. No way I would let him come on “Crossfire” if I were advising him because he couldn’t escape the hard questions. But as host, we’d certainly love to have him on. 
Zap2it: Do you think he is a shoo-in for the GOP ticket in 2016?
Stephanie Cutter: I can’t think that far ahead. I’m honestly looking at getting through the next few months.
Zap2it: Which presidential campaigns did you work on?
Stephanie Cutter: Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton. I didn’t work on Gore because I was working for Clinton in the White House, then Kerry, Obama and Obama.

Zap2it: Do you want to work on the next presidential campaign?
Stephanie Cutter: It’s been fun, but I think I might have graduated. That being said, there are candidates on our side that I will support, whether Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.
Zap2it: Who were your favorite guests?
Stephanie Cutter: Governor Perry of Texas and Governor O’Malley of Maryland. I thoroughly enjoyed Governor Perry. What’s nice about the show is someone like Perry comes on, and you get to know him personally, when the cameras are off. The best guests will go off the teleprompter. This is the only show on TV that will spend half an hour on one topic. It goes by really fast.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler