ted danson elisabeth harnois csi 'CSI's' Ted Danson and Elisabeth Harnois go way backZap2it: What’s your take on the reason for the continuing popularity of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” as it nears the end of its 12th season?

Ted Danson: I guess what’s so impressive is that it’s the No. 1-watched show in the world, and I think the reason the fan base is so loyal is that [the series’ makers] continue to produce a really great forensic mystery that allows you to help solve the crime. Even though they’ve brought new faces in over the years, they’ve stuck to their guns.

Zap2it: Does it surprise you that the show still comes up with fresh crimes to drive the stories?

Ted Danson: I suppose it’s a sad commentary on real life, but you can always find a new and different way to do harm to your fellow man. They’re really smart in having three people on staff, two writers and a technical adviser, who are all ex-CSIs. We do take a few liberties — CSIs don’t interrogate suspects, the police do — but the science is pretty sound.

Zap2it: You had connections to “CSI” co-star Elisabeth Harnois before you began working together on the series. What exactly were those?

Ted Danson: My wife, Mary Steenburgen, worked with her on a Christmas film (“One Magic Christmas”) when Elisabeth was 5 years old. It’s quite a cult film, and Elisabeth was fantastic in it. And later, Mary’s daughter Lilly went to Wesleyan University with Elisabeth and then roomed with her in Brooklyn for a while. And now, here we are.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin