curse of oak island ep 3 The Curse of Oak Island: X marks the spot for the Lagina brothers as digging finally begins

It’s been a long time coming and in Tuesday night’s (Nov. 24) episode, appropriately titled “Time To Dig,” Rick and Marty Lagina get to do just that. Like two kids in a candy store, the brothers pick out some sizable excavating equipment to help them and their team get to the bottom — or at least try to — of the highly challenging and ever elusive Money Pit.

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But first, Marty visits with Oak Island theorist Robert Markus and a new intriguing detail in this ongoing treasure hunt is possibly revealed.

It seems that the island on the treasure map featured in Harold Wilkins’ 1935 novel “Captain Kidd and His Skeleton Island” holds too many similar features to that of Oak Island that it cannot be just a coincidence. And while Gilbert Hedden tracked down Wilkins during his excavation days, many decades prior, he was left with more questions than answers.

oak island 5 The Curse of Oak Island: X marks the spot for the Lagina brothers as digging finally begins

Looking at the map — compared with overhead images of Oak Island — it’s hard not to see the similarities. Markus presents a connection between this map and the ones used by 14th Century Scottish explorer Henry Sinclair. Say what!? Could this be further proof linking the Knights Templar to the island? Rick tells Zap2it that this theory is the one that intrigues him the most.

“They go from the most powerful entity on the face of the continent of Europe to a whisper,” he says. “You know, if, and it’s a huge if, they were involved in some way with this, it’d be amazing!”

What makes things more interesting is that North is upside down on the map, leaving the guys to literally flip their plan on its head and attempt to dig where Markus points them. But what starts as a hopeful new sub-mission in the long-running excavation of the island brings up another road block as Rick, Marty and Jack Begley find water in the fresh hole they just dug.

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It’s just another tough day on Oak Island,  Marty tells Zap2it, “Things go wrong. Some clue will emerge that will point you in a completely other direction. And it is a tough puzzle, it’s complicated, and the fact there has been searchers there for 220 years really complicates things because that is really quite old. You run into something in a tunnel that’s an anomaly, you can’t be sure if it was originally there or put there by some searcher.”

That statement encapsulates the entire treasure hunt in a nutshell. And while the guys come up mostly empty handed — aside from a piece of wood and blue clay — their attention soon turns back to the Money Pit. The years have not treated the important zone on the island very well and any signs of where it is specifically located has all but been destroyed … but that isn’t stopping the team one bit.

With Marty once again manning the excavator, they begin to dig in the boarded up area where they think the original Money Pit is. A lot rides on this specific step as fully exploring this area of the island will cost roughly $2-million dollars.

The brothers need solid proof there is something down there worth digging for and they may have just found it as a piece of old oak is almost immediately brought up. Is this the outer edge of Hedden’s shaft? It’s hard to say just yet but Marty leaves us a few breadcrumbs by saying, “We get to the bottom of something this season and make some significant progress.”

“The Curse of Oak Island” airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on History.

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