One would think Trevor Noah, the young and handsome host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” wouldn’t need any help with the ladies. But the man who slipped into Jon Stewart’s plum job appears to have an active account on Raya, an exclusive online dating app known as the “Celebrity Tinder.”

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Noah being on a dating website wouldn’t be that controversial if he didn’t already have a girlfriend. He has been linked to model Jordyn Taylor since last summer. US Weekly reported back in Oct. that the two had moved in together in New York City’s Upper West Side neighborhood.

Here’s a selfie of Noah’s maybe ex-girlfriend taken from Taylor’s Instagram account.


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Is the 31-year-old TV host newly single? Dressed in a suit and tie and taking a selfie with a smoldering one-eye brow raised stare, the South African comedian appears to be giving his best effort towards finding a match an online match.

Adding fuel to the fire, Taylor tweeted out a vague message on Jan. 25, the same day the news of Noah’s active dating profile was discovered, simply typing 3 sad face emojis.

In response, a rep for Noah told The New York Daily News, “Trevor and some of the correspondents signed up for dating apps as part of production research for a comedy bit they are doing for ‘The Daily Show.’”

Other celebrities who reportedly have been active on the exclusive dating app include Kelly Osbourne, Moby, Raven Symone, Diplo, and Elijah Wood.

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