Amazing boots and jeans are two wardrobe staples many women can’t live without, and Rachel Sage Kunin knows just where to find them as the costume designer of TNT’s new “Dallas” series.
Kunin chooses classic Stetson boots and a specific style of AG jeans called Stilt when it comes to dressing Jordana Brewster’s character, Elena Ramos.
“We’ve done these jeans in an emerald green and a pretty dark wash,” she tells Zap2it. “The style looks good on everyone and comes in so many colors and washes. Elena even has a kind of maroon color that is really pretty. They are really comfortable, too. That is what she wears to work. She needs to be able to go from work in an office straight to the oil fields.”

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When Elena does wear a dress, it’s typically for lunches and meetings, and the character goes through an arc the first season that sees her becoming more successful and dressing the part.
“We shop everywhere from Nordstrom’s to Carolina Herrera’s bridge line called CH to a boutique in Dallas called Tootsies,” Kunin says.
In fact, Kunin says the city of Dallas has the best shopping in America, “It’s really easy to get amazing clothing in Dallas,” she says. “It has an abundant amount of choices and really good size runs. It’s such a joy and a pleasure to stop there. It’s so good I have a friend who shops a lot in L.A. and Beverly Hills, and I suggested she go there.”

Kunin says she tries to keep the clothes on the series classic and timeless.
“We are not over the top, but hopefully people can relate to the characters and how they are dressed and emulate it out of their own closet.”
Here are some of Kunin’s favorite looks from the first season:
jordana brewster dallas episodic 2 tnt 325 'Dallas' keeps Jordana Brewster's Elena Ramos in jeans and boots
“We call this the red handkerchief dress. I found it online when I was searching for a fun, happy dress that has color and brightness to it. I had a personal belt that was similar to the one pictured, but it didn’t work, so we had this one made to define her waist and add a little bit more style. It’s classic but has a little bit of a fashion edge. The shoes have a wood heel, and then they are a sueded black. The wood heel made it a daytime casual. This is probably the largest print that she wore, and it was for a Ewing barbecue.”
jordana brewster dallas episodic tnt 325 'Dallas' keeps Jordana Brewster's Elena Ramos in jeans and boots
“This was for a Denim and Diamonds benefit Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) throws to raise money for charity denim and diamonds. The idea is to mix high-end with something casual and easy to get your hands on. So the skirt is Azzedine Alaia from Barneys and the shirt is Ralph Lauren. She wore a bright pink heel. We wanted to show her two worlds of becoming more high-end and still sticking to her roots as an employee’s daughter.”
Posted by:Monique Marcil