dan bakkedahl legit veep bad judge gi Dan Bakkedahl misses 'Legit,' teases 'Veep' return and 'Bad Judge' role

We still miss the FX comedy “Legit,” and so does star Dan Bakkedahl. Though the actor will be returning to TV screens in the upcoming season with parts on “Bad Judge” and “Veep,” he had hoped “Legit” could fight on to live another day.
“We really wish that we could still be doing that show together, and [star and co-creator] Jim [Jefferies] tried real hard” to get it to be picked up after FX canceled it, Bakkedahl tells Zap2it at the HBO Emmys party. “Everywhere he went, people said, ‘Oh, we love that show. No, we’re not going to buy it.’ He went everywhere. Each and every one of them said how much they love the show, and they knew enough about it that you know they’re not just lip-service, but it just didn’t fall our way.”
“Legit” currently lives on on streaming services like Netflix, and Bakkedahl hopes that audiences continue to find the show about an Australian comedian, his alcoholic friend and that friend’s brother who has muscular dystrophy who live together in Los Angeles. “I know that we’ll have our day,” he says. “The show, I felt, was so beautiful and so funny that I think it deserved better treatment than it got.”

Fortunately Bakkedahl, Jefferies and DJ Qualls remain good friends. “I guess that’s the silver lining to that: We have actual friendships that came out of that thing,” he says.
Bakkedahl has more exciting work ahead of him. On the day of the party, Aug. 25, he had just come from working a guest starring role on NBC’s “Bad Judge.”

“Today I just basically worked in my underwear for part of the day, and then in some really short shorts, and then in cargo pants getting tackled in the aisle of a grocery store. It’s not too far from the last time you saw me in ‘Legit,'” Bakkedahl admits with a laugh. “I think I’m getting typecast, but I’m OK with it.”

He also will reprise his recurring role on HBO’s “Veep” in Season 4. “With ‘Veep,’ I think they’re going back [Aug. 26], and I’m going back mid-September. I’ve already been informed that Roger Furlong will be back for two [episodes] — at least. You never know, sometimes that turns into more. I’m very excited about that.”

Though he jokes that “all I have to do is show up and swear convincingly,” it turns out that cursing is the most important element of “Veep’s” scripts.
“I don’t know how the regular cast feels about it, but for me it’s always such a great outlet. Nobody else will let you run wild like that, and they really, really let you run wild,” Bakkedahl says. “The other thing is the only thing that they ask that you stick to the script word-for-word are the insults, which I find very admirable.”
Posted by:Terri Schwartz