NFL superstar Calvin Johnson continued his own unique journey on Monday's (Sept. 19) "Dancing with the Stars." And while he has committed to showing a different, more relaxed side of himself on TV -- as opposed to his Detroit Lions persona -- even he was pleasantly surprised by his "Family Matters"-inspired performance.

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Yes, Megatron donned the Steve Urkel gear in the "TV Night" episode and joined Lindsay Arnold in a Foxtrot set to the show's theme song. Sporting some bright yellow suspenders, the 6-foot-5 football player brought the '90s TV nerd to life in a very big way.

If this routine wasn't enough to get you doing your best Urkel impression -- we've all said, "Did I do thaaat?" at one time in our lives -- the man behind the nerd surprised the duo after their dance was over.

No one was expecting Jaleel White to be there and when he came out from back stage, Johnson's surprise was truly palpable. And why wouldn't it be? Not only was he a big fan of "Family Matters" when he was a kid, he recently dressed as the iconic nerd for Halloween.

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Not only was Megatron excited to see White -- the bro hugs commenced early on -- but Jaleel confessed, "I've had this dude on my fantasy squad so many seasons." With the real Steve Urkel in his corner, things seem to be looking up for Johnson. But will he make it to Week 3? The odds, we think, are definitely in his favor.

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