"Dancing With the Stars" waited to present Ryan Lochte's debut performance during the final half hour of Monday's (Sept. 12) Season 23 premiere. It's a safe bet the majority of the viewers out there were tuning in to see if the athlete could heal his image after the fiasco that transpired at the Rio Olympics.

He and Cheryl Burke danced a solid routine to the track, "Irresponsible." And while nothing crazy happened during the number, things got a bit crazy when Carrie Ann Inaba handed out her critique.

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Before she was able to communicate her thoughts on the performance, two protestors rushed the stage. As you can see from the above video, things were a bit jarring for everyone involved. The two men involved in the attack are pictured below.

Reports coming in from the show's taping say something was thrown in Lochte's direction before the men were tackled. According to E! News reporter Tierney Bricker, more protestors wearing "anti-Lochte" shirts were kicked out of the ballroom after the incident took place.

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