Season 22 of “Dancing With the Stars” aired its finale on Tuesday (May 24) and the two hour extravaganza was filled with fan favorite dances, live performances from the likes of Pitbull and Aloe Blacc and the reveal of the new champion. It was a tight race leading into the night’s episode with the top three finalists — Ginger and Val, Paige and Mark and Nyle and Peta — giving their absolute best one last time.

Third place was announced close to the final moments fans have been waiting for. With Ginger’s recent back injury, it’s not a huge surprise she and Val took the bottom spot. They still performed amazingly and showed nothing but graciousness in their reaction to the spot the voters put them in.

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Ultimately, the real competition came down between Paige Vanzant and Nyle DiMarco. Both competitors invited the audience, and judges, into their worlds and shared their struggles and triumphs with everyone watching. With her struggles with bullying, many had thoughts that Paige would be the winner of the coveted mirror ball but alas, the trophy went to Nyle DiMarco.

It’s not surprising, really, as DiMarco gave new insight into what a hearing-impaired person can accomplish on a show such as this. Continually surpassing all expectations week in, and week out, it’s absolutely perfect that Nyle is this year’s “Dancing With the Stars” winner. If anything, the bar has been raised exponentially for next season.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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