Season 23 of "Dancing with the Stars" is at its halfway mark, and as we've seen throughout the show's first seven weeks, the competition has steadily built in a fun, toe-tapping manner. Sure, there has been controversy along the way -- we're looking at you, Ryan Lochte -- but true to "DWTS" form, the dance competition series has stayed the course on Monday nights.

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Now that the show has gone from 13 contestants to seven, we thought it was the perfect time to assess how each competitor is doing, if they've progressed well and what their chances are in going all the way to win the coveted mirrorball.

7. Ryan Lochte

dwts ryan lochte DWTS Season 23 power rankings: The final 7

From the scandal at the Rio Olympics to the subsequent protests on the "DWTS" set, Ryan Lochte has had an uphill battle in his attempt to rehab his image. He has little chance to go all the way, but the bigger question here is: Will his stint on the competition show help American see him in a different light?

6. Marilu Henner

dwts marilu henner DWTS Season 23 power rankings: The final 7

Someone we're surprised is still in the running is "Taxi" actress Marilu Henner. Her fame can only take her so far and after the past few weeks, it feels like she truly is living on borrowed time in the "DWTS" competition.

5. Jana Kramer

dwts jana kramer DWTS Season 23 power rankings: The final 7

A dark horse for sure, the country music singer and former star of "One Tree Hill" has begun making a comeback in recent weeks. It's probably safe to say that she won't go all the way in the competition, but she's proven she has staying power.

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4. Terra Jole

dtws terra jole DWTS Season 23 power rankings: The final 7

One of the stars of the Lifetime reality series "Little Women: LA," Terra Jole has consistently proven she's in this competition to win it. Not only does she have the personality, Jole has the moves to back it up. It's a pretty solid fact that she has become a fan favorite in Season 23.

3. Calvin Johnson

dwts calvin johnson DWTS Season 23 power rankings: The final 7

Yes, NFL athletes usually do well on "DWTS," but who knew Megatron here had it in him? He's not just shown his talent in his progress and growth week in and week out, Johnson has consistently brought his charismatic A-game. At the rate he's going, we wouldn't be surprised if he made it all the way to the finals.

2. James Hinchcliffe

dwts james hinchcliffe DWTS Season 23 power rankings: The final 7

The Canadian race car driver has set the standard in Season 23, consistently earning high score after high score. His focus and tenacity at getting the technique and moves down may just have him zooming all the way to the finale.

1. Laurie Hernandez

dwts laurie hernandez DWTS Season 23 power rankings: The final 7

The Olympian was the first person to achieve a perfect score this season, and while she has wowed the crowd -- and the judges -- on a regular basis, her position in the top spot is beginning to be threatened. It is very possible she can win this whole thing, but with Calvin Johnson and James Hinchcliffe nipping at her heels, it is still anyone's game.

"Dancing with the Stars" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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