"Dancing With the Stars" returned on Monday (Sept. 12) with an all new cast of stars hoping to leave their mark in the dance world. But for one such celebrity, it almost felt like retracing some 25-year-old steps. Rob Van Winkle -- better known as Vanilla Ice -- took the stage with his partner Witney Carson to perform a cha cha routine.

Once "Ice Ice Baby" began to play, though, Ice relied mostly on the dance skills that helped make him famous back in 1991 to get him through the number. Look, we're not saying this is a bad thing as the nostalgic dance moves -- teamed with Van Winkle lip syncing his own words -- made everyone in the room cheer.

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Once the coolness of the performance wore off, though, we were sort of left scratching our heads. Why did he bring out the big guns during Week 1? Was it a lack of confidence that made Vanilla and Witney decide to pull the nostalgia card so early in the show? It's possible.

The judges were all welcoming of the fun performance, but they did acknowledge the lack of legit technique in the number. Len Goodman was quick to point out there wasn't much cha cha going on at all.

In the end, the team earned a score of 25 out of 40. If they do make it through to Week 2, dare we suggest the two turn up with a little "Ninja Rap"? That ... would be amazing.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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